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Informational Basics 2/4: Spiritual Implications

Information is not the same as knowing. Like a finger pointing at the moon, which indicates the moon though is certainly not the moon itself, here are some basic informational points that might provide us a shared language with which to describe knowing. Check out the hyperlinks to the prior posts for some context.

  1. Metaphysics

  2. Spiritual Implications

  3. Revolution

  4. Creation

2.  Spiritual Implications

If the metaphysical points of the Informational Basics 1/4: Metaphysics post are true, what would that MEAN for you? If we truly are all a part of ONE thing, would that change the way you see yourself? Or the way you see me? Would it make an impact on what seems important in life?

Metaphysics are the impersonal ways in which the universe physically functions, and the spiritual implications are what the metaphysical realities mean for human lives. You will develop your own understanding of what metaphysical principles mean for you. Here are some implications that appear as evident to me.

  • God is.

    • Everything is a part of one thing. Descriptor names include The Universe, Spirit, The Force, Oneness, God, the "IS-ness," and many, many more. That which is, is, and you and I and everything known and unknown are all a part of IT.

  • We are in this together.

    • Nothing could ever be outside of what is. God contains all things, and each of us. What we are a part of, we are part of it together. We are directly and intimately related to each and every other person, animal, plant, rock, loaf of bread, corporate building, and star.

  • All that is, is within everything, including each of us. 

    • I am a microcosm of the universe, as are you, as are every cell in our bodies. Everything, at every level of existence, contains all the dynamics that are present in every other level. The energy that IS cannot be less than, or other than it is, anywhere it is. Which is everywhere!

  • Inevitable love.

    • In Kundalini Yoga, we say Sat Nam, which is similar to Namaste in other yogic traditions, and means True Name. When I know that I am of the one thing that is, and I know that you are too, we know each other in profound intimacy, and inevitable love.

  • Releasing attachment to the limited self.

    • Attachment to ways of knowing the self that refute our being an individuated aspect of the Divine cannot coexist with awareness of Truth. For example, in truth, I am no better, or worse, than anyone else. Any kind of sense of self that is based in that kind of ranking or separateness dissolves in light of Truth.

  • Our vibes impact the tribe.

    • We are all energy in vibration, including our thoughts, words, attitudes, and intentions. We are all connected and interrelated with each other and all things. Whatever energy we are emitting impacts everything, instantaneously.

  • Empowerment & creation.

    • We truly create our reality, individually and collectively. We are not victims or dependent variables of the world, or of each other. All of the creative potential of the cosmos is present within each of us. Clarity comes from a place of understanding Sat Nam, and understanding our inherent power.

  • Vibrational responsibility.

    • We all function as radio receivers for energy, inhabiting, becoming, transmitting, and impacting the whole with the energy that we are attuned to. From an empowered and loving perspective, we have an opportunity and responsibility to align and attune our vibration in resonance with what is True.

  • Cause & effect. 

    • In order to learn about our power as aspects of the creator, we participate in a perfectly balanced system of cause and effect that helps us to learn our true creative nature. Reaping what we sow doesn't mean we need to be fearfully monitoring ourselves. The system itself will teach us, in perfect ways, exactly what we need to learn.

  • All is now.

    • Anything that CAN happen, can ONLY happen NOW. The construct of time, with it's past, present, and future, is helpful in teaching cause and effect, and to clarify our power to impact our reality. As we wake up to Truth, we release more and more of the burdens or anxieties or false securities of the stories of our lives, and lean into the potency of NOW.

  • There is no failure. 

    • Everything is in perpetual vibratory flux, breathing in and out, and we are all a part of it. You can't opt out. You can't fall out or be kicked out. Though some of our experiences may feel uncomfortable, they will always function towards bringing about dawning awareness. There is nothing that anyone can do that could exclude themselves from the isness and the flow towards Truth.

  • Truth will prevail.

    • Truth requires no defense, because what is true, can only ever be TRUE. It can be denied or obscured, which can result in an EXPERIENCE of it not being true, or not being present. This is like a cloud covering the Sun. The cloud in no way actually diminishes the truth of the blazing light and warmth of the Sun. God is, I am, we are. Peace.

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