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Informational Basics 1/4: Metaphysics

Updated: Jun 24

Like a finger pointing at the moon, which indicates the moon though is certainly not the moon itself, here are some basic informational points that might provide us a shared language with which to describe knowing.

  1. Metaphysics

  2. Spiritual Implications

  3. Revolution

  4. Creation

  1. Metaphysics

Metaphysics are the natural laws and structural underpinnings of our universe. Understanding these dynamics informs what our world is, what we are, and what we can do. For example, we understand that water flows downhill. Because we know this, we can anticipate where the raindrop will go when it hits the Earth, we can predict how hydo-energy moves, and we can create tools that build upon this basis of understanding.

Metaphysical Basics:

  • Everything is energy in vibration

  • Vibrational behavior understood through what we know about electromagnetic waves (such as light), and mechanical waves (such as sound), can be applied to understand the behavior of less readily perceived, but nonetheless existing energies

  • Thoughts, beliefs, and feelings function as physical vibrational energies

  • There are infinite frequency bandwidths, like radio stations, or eternally higher and lower octaves on a piano keyboard

  • Via the wave property of resonance, energies that can vibrate at a frequency that matches a frequency that is intoning nearby, will likely begin to vibrate at that frequency. This functionally appears as "like attracts like"

  • When we are in vibratory accordance with a certain frequency bandwidth aka radio station, our perceptions are all in resonance with that frequency. We see everything through the filter of that vibration.

  • Everything is interconnected and part of one thing

  • The universe is fractal, exhibiting self-similar patterning at infinitely larger, and infinitely smaller fractal levels. For example, a stalk of broccoli can be split into smaller sub-branches which resemble the original stalk, and can be further split into yet smaller stalks, all displaying similar characteristics to the original stalk. This patterning continues infinitely "up," or "larger," and "down," or "smaller."

  • The universe is holographic, with each part being present in the whole, and the whole being present in each part.

  • Everything is here, and now. Time and space are functional constructs, but are not ultimately true.

These natural laws inform what reality is, and how it functions. As a part of reality, each and every one of us humans are also governed by these natural laws. What would this mean for our lives, if we accepted these natural laws as true?

See Informational Basics 2/4: Spiritual Implications

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