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Informational Basics 0/4: The Preface

Information vs Knowing.

Information is not the same as knowing.

Knowing emerges via lived experience, it is indescribable, complex, and personal. Information is an intellectualized, categorized, and verbalized abstraction of knowing.

Information is like a finger, which points at the Moon, but it is not the Moon. This indication has a benefit! But the knowing of the Moon itself is inhibited IF the finger is confused with the same thing that it can only describe.

Information and knowing are not the same thing, and that is ok.

Both are beneficial.

That which I need to share can and will be directly known by you. The knowing of it will be yours, in your own perfect time and way, and it will be more profound, intricate, and accurate than my verbal descriptions, which only indicate yet cannot define the ineffable.

Also, look at this AI-generated image. I think that's a thumb.

We are witnessing a strange and amazing time.

Guru Dev.

It is important to honor that YOU are the teacher of your journey.

In Kundalini Yoga practice, mantras sometimes include the words Guru Dev. Gu means darkness and Ru means light. A teacher is one who guides you from the darkness of ignorance into the light of awareness. Guru Dev is the divine teacher, within. This is the teacher that will guide you into knowing. It may be possible that some of the words or information that I describe here may help you through your inner teacher's curriculum. Or, the energy of this knowing, which I inevitably imbue into my writing, could be felt and aligned to by you, which may also serve your journey.

However my writing serves your journey, may it be in accordance with the teacher within your heart, and may my words never be mistaken for the magic itself.

I share the following posts,

In the interest of creating a shared language with which to describe knowing.

And, at the risk of misrepresenting the Truth via the limitations inherent in the abstraction that is language.

And, in honor of my commitment to offer my devoted expression of that Truth.

  1. Metaphysics

  2. Spiritual Implications

  3. Revolution

  4. Creation

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