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The Dawn

The time has come.

It is time to express the voice that sings through me.

I rise and sing again.

I have just released the first episode of a podcast, because it has become clear to me that speaking the things that I have come to KNOW is among the most powerful ways for me to be in accurate intonation with truth, at higher amplitude.

waveforms of a recorded voice as an audiofile in a digital audio workspace. Clips are labeled "the entirety of the universe," "on a journey," and "higher frequency"

There was a time when it seemed that I knew some things.

And then I experienced a KNOWING that left my prior concept of knowing, and all that I thought I knew, in a humbling contrast that could only cataclysmically shift the direction and meaning of my life.

My life and my being are now in service to that Knowing. As I live as, and speak of, the Knowing, I feel the energy that I am fall gracefully towards closer alignment with what is. And following that path has led me exactly here.

In addition to the main purpose of my own participation in intonation and amplitude, I am also here to explore and discover Truth as I engage in the interaction that it has led me to. As I sketch and weave through this expression, I intend to learn about where this journey has landed me, including:

  • Infrastructure (podcast, social media, videos, blogs)

  • Technology (lights, audio, website)

  • Community (podcast guests, clients, peers)

  • Content (concepts & offerings)

It feels right to have released the first episode of the podcast on the Full Moon. The Full Moon is a beautiful time to share creations, relish the full bloom, and give away the fruits of our efforts, releasing all expectations.

It is a time of change, when the period of growth, << between the New Moon (the eclipse on Apr 8th, 2024) and Full Moon, >> shifts into the period of return to center, die and release, to conceive again in the womb-like energy of the new moon.

This particular full moon, on Apr 23, 2024, was in the astrological sign of Libra, and in the Nakshatra of Hasta. I love all styles of astrology, and Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, which uses sidereal calculations and the current astronomical placements of the celestial bodies, is the approach that I most often refer to.

Libra represents balance, relationships, and harmony. The specific area of the sky, called the Nakshatra, of Hasta is represented by the imagery of the hands.

As an occupational therapist, I have learned much about our human hands. The anatomy and function through which so much of our human creation, generativity, and expression comes into existence. I am inspired by the quotes of some of the founders of the profession:

"Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health."

- Mary Reilly

"Just as our heart beats in a rhythm, so do we respond to the rhythms of day and night, sleeping and waking, and hunger and satiation, all centered on the fundamental activities of human life."

- Adolf Meyer

We are all a part of the rhythm of life. Together, our world is our creation. In the dawn that is available exactly in this perfect now, what will we choose to create?

With these hands I hold as my own, may I create and release in truth and in love.

With this voice, may I speak truth, and may truth be heard, and released again into the stillness of silence that holds us all, and all of our expressions, in perfect peace again and again.

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